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Core Values

Therapeutic Process
We believe that the therapeutic process is a relationship that takes, time, energy, and investment from both sides. We believe that play is the natural language of children, and they should always be allowed to express themselves through therapeutic play.

Overcoming Obstacles
We believe in our clients’ capacity to overcome obstacles in their lives.

We believe everyone is valuable to God and His Kingdom. We commit to making all of our interactions, with clients or otherwise, with this in mind.

High Trust and Safe Environment
We believe high levels of trust are essential to the therapeutic process and hold it as our responsibility to maintain this trust by acting in trustworthy ways. We value an environment of safety and security so clients feel free to explore and express themselves completely.

Child/Adolescent Focus
We intentionally focus on the child/adolescent in the family and serve as their advocate and ally. We commit to providing a session and environment that communicate to the child/adolescent that they are our number one focus and priority.

Family Involvement
We believe the best therapeutic results are achieved when the family system as a whole is involved in the therapeutic process. We commit to involving parents in the process and equipping them with resources that enable them to employ knowledge gained during the therapeutic process into their home environments.